Wednesday 15 May 2013

Today's my birthday and look what Google did!

This totally freaked me out last night when I first saw it, but now I love it LOL!

Just after midnight last night before going to bed I decided to have a quick browse through my emails, when I accessed the internet and the Google homepage came on I saw that Google had been spelled out in cakes.

Oooh I thought to myself, I must share a birthday with someone who is famous for making cakes, (the picture usually represents some famous person's birthday).

Imagine my surprise, when I moved my little hand pointer over the picture to see who it was and this popped up.
It says Happy Birthday Colette!!! I nearly fell off my chair !. It's obviously only on my homepage, everyone else in the house has Frank Hornby's birthday on theirs, but how cool is that!
Thank you Google, brilliant surprise.

Also I wanted to show you this gorgeous card I received from my bestest friend Karen, we met about 27 years ago when we worked together in Otis elevators and have been friends since. Karen used to make the most beautiful quilled cards, but unfortunately she now has a lot of health problems that prevent her from doing much crafting and I know how hard it is for her to make a card - what would take us a few hours, takes Karen days and even months depending upon how ill she is.

As you can see it is in my favourite colours, and has a fairy and glitter, everything I love in a card. 

Thank you so much Karen, the card is beautiful and I really appreciate that you took the time to make it for me, you mad woman! LOL!

Also a big thank you to my wonderful hubby for my new computer,
he really does spoil me, but then again I deserve it - haha!

See you tomorrow, 
Colette xx


Lau W said...

Google is very cool !!
My God, the card of your friend is a beauty, the image i adore it, and the design is wonderful !
Have a super day !

Bhawana said...

wow.. Happy Birthday to you,.. beautiful card. Google gave a sweet surprise to you..

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Colette!!
I bet you nearly fell of your chair when seeing your name on Google.. Think I would have done too LOL
Gorgeous card from Karen, hope you had a wonderful day!

Debbie xx

Karen said...

My dear friend, I am so glad you liked the card. As soon as I saw the Bookworm Fairy Stamp, I thought of you - though maybe she should have been a Kindle Fairy!?! Enjoy your birthday - have a great day! Lots of love, Karen xx