Friday 15 June 2012

Oh my!

What a week! my daughter finally returned to work this week after almost nine months maternity leave and I am now looking after Charlie each day as well as picking Will up from school each afternoon. I had so gotten used to having lots of time to myself and now I don't know whether I am coming or going. I am finding it really difficult to get a lot done with Charlie about, one, because as he is only seven months old so he still needs quite a bit of attention and two, he is such a smiley and pleasant little boy that you can't help yourself from talking to him, just to see his little face light up in a big smile.

Here's some pictures of my two little monsters angels! taken a couple of months ago.

Last week I made this get well card, so thought I would pop it on my blog today.

Images TBo_029 and TBea_029 - coloured in photoshop
Papers - Nitwit Collections - Ouchies
Digital Medical embellishments - K Hadfield Designs - Doctor Doctor kit

Thanks for stopping by,
Colette xx


Trine said...

Great cards and two beautiful children.
Have a nice day.

Karen said...

Lovely photo's of the boys.
Great cards.
Made me smile!

gina g said...

Gorgeous pics of your little Angels Colette, things will settle after a little while its just getting back into a routine! love your card fab images and great sentiments. luv gina xx

Gayle Cook said...

The boys look gorgeous Colette....they're getting so big!!! Please send a big *squeeeeze* cuddle from

Gorgeous card...and everytime I go up to my parent's house I get to see it in the flesh....thank you for sending it to my Dad Colette...did I tell you my mother goes on and on and on and on and on about it?!?!?!?!?!???! ;O)

Daniele said...

great card Collette, what a sweetie all smiles, my daughter is expecting a baby in december so I'm hoping to get some me time again as I look after my grandson then I've got a feeling I shall be looking after two as well on my days off work when she goes back

Winnie said...

Gorgeous kids and I love the card. Had the Teddy Bo nurse already, but had to go and purchase the doctor now! x