Wednesday 7 March 2012

KISS butterflies!

Now, that is not an instruction, but hey, if kissing butterflies is your thing then all I can say is - whatever floats your boat LOL!
KISS means Keep It Sweet and Simple, and I'm hoping that is exactly what I have managed to do with this card.

There are occasions when you don't have a lot of time to make a card,( more and more often in my case at the moment) and need to be able to put something together quickly and this design would fit the bill perfectly.

I found these gorgeous butterflies on the MeiFlower stall at the craft show Saturday and just couldn't resist, so had to grab myself a couple of packs (the photo doesn't do them justice, the stone in the centre sparkles beautifully and the wings are made from shiny metallic wires which also sparkle when they catch the light).
You may have noticed one already on yesterday's card, but this time around I have used three and they are the main focus of the design. 

For this card I made a square card blank from a piece of A4 card, printing the wording on before cutting and folding. I embossed lines across the front using my Hougie board, then drew a line between the embossed sections with my quickie glue pen and added glamour dust. One large and two small butterflies where attached with a dollops of tacky glue and hey presto! there you have it. Simple and sweet.

They come in two sizes, the small ones are five in a pack and contain, 1 each of five colours, turquoise, black, silver, pink and red. The larger ones have four in a pack and have 1 each of cerise, turquoise, silver and black. I'm don't think they are on the website yet, but if you fancy some just email Mei and she will get it sorted for you.

Thanks for looking
Colette xx


Rosietoes said...

Gorgeous card Colette. Love the butterflies and the lovely simplicity of the design that makes it special.

Edna x

Roma said...

Such a beautiful card love the sentiment & gorgeous butterflies x

Debbie (Little Gingham Bear) said...

Love this one - stunning, classy and stylish xx

Maritha said...

your KISS card is just STUNNING!!! =) Love the butterflies!!


Debbie said...

Beautiful card Colette, Great clean lines.I have awarded you the 'Liebster' award for your inspiring blog, pop over and get it from my blog at Debbie x

Karen said...

Love this card Colette, the butterflies are fab.