Friday, 2 June 2017

Ted, Unicorn, penguin and cards

Over the last 18 months or so I have rekindled my love for crochet, it has been my therapy, helping me get through the days since my youngest daughter passed away in 2015.

I have been crocheting since I was 10 years old, self taught from a leaflet I was given in school, at the time I didn't know anyone else who crocheted and so for a long time I have always wondered if I was doing it right. Fast forward to the present, with the internet, Pinterest and You tube, and not only have I finally discovered that I was doing it right, but I have learnt sooo much more in the past 18 months than I did in the previous 40 odd years.

One of the techniques I have learned is Amigurumi, thanks to some fabulous You tube tutorials. I though you might like to see a few of the things I produced.

Pink ted was the first Amigurumi item I made, I sat in front of THIS youtube video for hours, following along step by step until it was done. The lilac baby blanket in the background is another one of my makes and is currently sitting in a box in a wardrobe along with half a dozen other blankets I've made.

My penguin was made from a pattern in Crochet Now magazine and lives in my house with me, 'cos I have a thing for penguins.

The unicorn was a pattern in Love Crochet magazine and now lives with my oldest daughters six year old niece, 'cos she has a thing for unicorns LOL!

I also have the two remaining cards from the May Tonic Bookazine to share with you,

The panels on this card are embossed using the folder that comes in the free kit, unfortunately the embossing on the yellow panel doesn't show up too well in the photo, but it has diagonal rows of happy birthday in different fonts embossed on it.

This card uses some of the stamps from the free kit, (balloons, bunting and sentiment) the background papers are also included in the kit.

Thanks for stopping by,
take care,
Colette xx 

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Christine L said...

Wow Colette... I LOVE your amigurumi makes and I'm so envious of your talent! I used to be able to knit, but only could do simple chains/double/trebles in crochet, so never made anything more than a scarf! BUT... when I bad with anxiety/depression 18 months back, I bought a ball of yarn and a crochet hook.. like you say, for therapy and something for me to concentrate on... and hey... it still sits in it's bag under my coffee table! I did try..... but didn't manage to master it. (I didn't try very hard if truth be known!)

Anyway.... your makes are fab.. I particularly love the unicorn - but then again, the pink ted.. and that fabulous pingu... OK, I love them all! And your cards are fab too!

Big hugs
Christine x
PS.. don't forget if you're ever in Yorkshire.......