Saturday 22 June 2013

Men at work!

Here's a couple of cards for boys made using Paper Creator kits. 
I love girly cards with all the sparkle and pretty ribbons and embellishments, but it's just not the same making cards for boys, so these kits are really handy for putting something together that doesn't take too long, looks effective and is perfect for boys.

Here we have one of the kits from the bookmark mega bundle, with matching envelope, Polka dot grosgrain ribbon is from Meiflower

and this one is the Trucker Triple over the edge card, with matching boxelope, gingham button and waxed card are from Meiflower

Today Meg and I are off to see a local amateur dramatic company perform Oliver, my sister-in-law has a small speaking part in it (she's playing a prostitute!) so we are going along to offer our support. It has been on each evening since Wednesday and was sold out most nights and I've heard nothing but good things about it, so am really looking forward to going.
Also I would like to congratulate my nephew Matt on getting a first in his degree (I come from a clever family, don't know what went wrong with me LOL!) I'm not sure exactly what his degree was in, but it's something to do with ophthalmology and he already has a job in a local opticians.
Well done Matt!

Thanks for dropping by today,
hope you have a lovely weekend
Colette xx 


Te4eto said...

Много весели и слънчеви картички! Прекрасни са!!!

Karen said...

Great cards - I love these Paper Creator Kits, they are just perfect for little boys.
You may not have a certificate Colette, but I know how brlliant and talented you really are - I think you are a genius (and you do know, they are mostly mad!?!) LOL
Hope you and Megan enjoy the show!
Love, Karen x