Friday 20 June 2014

Baby girl card

Here's a text conversation I had with my daughter Stacy on Tuesday, while she was in work and I was looking after her youngest boy Charlie - the first text came through about 1pm  
Stacy "Hi mum, you don't happen to have any baby girl cards made do you/ we are going to visit David and Sam's new baby this afternoon when I finish work and pick Will up from school, and I would prefer to give a handmade card rather than a shop bought xx"
Translation - off to see friends new baby and if you have a card made it saves me having to go to shop to look for one and pay for it!
Me - Sorry no, I don't have any baby girl cards made.
Stacy - Oh! well is there any chance you could make me one quickly and possibly personalise it at the same time, it doesn't have to be too fancy xx
Translation - I really really don't want to have to go to the shops and it would look like I've really made an effort if it's personalised, and I still wouldn't have to pay for it!
Me - Well it would have to be quick and simple as I only have about an hour and a half to get it done xx
Stacy - Yeah, that's great, thank you sooooo much, you're the best xx
Translation - Woohoo, I knew she would do it, free card and now it will be personalised too, I'm gonna look like a fab friend. LOL!

Luckily I already had the image coloured up and Charlie had just fallen asleep, I knew I had about an hour before he would wake up again, so I set to and this is what I came up with.
Charlie woke up just as I was about to photograph the card and I spent the next five minutes trying to take pics in between him pushing his cars up and down the worktop in front of my makeshift photo studio.
Stacy loved the card, but as expected, she never offered to pay for it - LOL!

Digital Stamp - Baby Bear Scales - Di's digi downloads
Die cut frame - Lifestyle nesting square doily
X-cut punch - Petal large and medium
Ribbon, acrylic dummy charm and stick on gems - Meiflower

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have a lovely day,
Colette xx


Christine L said...

Hi Colette

Ha!! I had the same conversation with my daughter this week... only she gave me a little more time thank goodness! So I did laugh when I read this.. Personalised and FREE cards go down very well... But hopefully there's a compliment for us in there somewhere!! hehe

She got a fabulous card.. loving that little image and thank goodness you had it coloured! And gorgeous around the page punching too!

Christine x

Karen said...

Love your description of the conversation with Stacy - wonder where she gets it from...hmmm!?!
The card is gorgeous and I am sure Stacy and her friend were made up with it - you know how proud she is of you.
Amazed you got this 'quick card' done especially as you were working whilst being interrupted by me on the phone. Beautiful, very pretty!
Karen x

Pat K said...

The recap of your conversation sounds so familiar daughter also thinks I have cards laying around...too funny. Beautiful job on filling the request and gorgeous colouring as always. Have a good weekend. hugs, Pat K xx

Rosietoes said...

I think we can all relate to that conversation Colette. You made a beautiful card for her, I'm sure she was delighted. I once had to make four notebooks (from scratch) and four matching cards for teacher gifts in an afternoon. I can say truthfully that the steam was rising from my work table! :) You have to love them don't you? :)) x Edna x

Lau W said...

Haha ! Make me laugh, excellent translation looooool !
But your daughter knows that your cards are more pretty than in a shop, sure ! ;-)
This card is pretttyyyy, so sweet, so precious !

DONNA said...

Love it, i get lots of those txt too times 6 plus other halfs