Friday 24 February 2012

Quick and easy baby card

I wasn't really planning on doing a post today, but yesterday I put together this quick baby card. I decided not to use an image and just go with some wording, a bit of embossing and some embellishments. I was really pleased with the way it turned out so thought I would show it to you.

Digi Kraft card - Pink Petticoat
Wording - computer generated.
Embossing folder - Crafts Too - Swiss dots.
White organza ribbon, It's a  boy ribbon, pearls, button, string and dummy - MeiFlower.

As I don't have any split rings or chain to attach the charms I am always looking at different ways to do it. On this card I threaded cord through a buttonhole, slid the dummy onto the cord and then threaded it through the other hole and pulled it tight, I then punched a small hole into the card where I wanted my dummy to go, threaded both ends of the cord through and pulled is so that the button sat flat against the card. A piece of tape over the ends of the cord at the back, secures it into place.

Top tip - when using cord or anything similar that is made up of strands, and especially when you are trying to thread it through small holes -  use your fingers to spread a little PVA glue over the cord where you are about to cut, give it a minute to dry, and then cut through the middle of the glued area, it stops the strands from unravelling and keeps the end a bit stiffer, making it much easier to thread.

I've now also done a baby girl version, embellished slightly differently so will pop that on tomorrow.

Colette xx


Karen said...

Ah,I love it!
Wording is lovely, and I really like the way you have attached the dummy to the button. Great card, the colours really complement each other. Can't wait to see the Baby Girl version tomorrow!
Love, Karen x

Danica said...

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