Monday 4 December 2017

1,200 tiny stick on gems later...

I may have mentioned a few times in previous posts that I have been busy making wedding stationery.  It's not my favourite thing to do as I don't enjoy the repetitive nature of it, and I did swear a few years ago that I wouldn't do any more unless my daughter and her partner, who have been together for 17 years up to now, decide to make it official, fat chance!

When my bestest friend asked me if I would do her daughters stationery I just couldn't say no. Up to now I have only made her Save the Dates, 60 of them, each with a little heart of gems encircling the day. As I couldn't find the right sized hearts I ended up making them myself by punching hearts out of acetate and then patiently sticking 20 gems around the outside of each heart, it took a while let me tell you!

The original sample was all silver,  as at that point they hadn't decided on a colour scheme but they eventually decided on a cerise pink to go with the silver and the bow became a daisy. The calendars are backed with self adhesive magnet sheets so that they can be stuck to the fridge.

In the photo we have the original sample, the daisies and hearts in the process of being made and the finished product, bagged up and ready to go, photo's are all taken with my phone so aren't the best.

While I was preparing samples for Alison my daughter came along and asked me if I would do the daytime and evening invitations for her half brother and fiancee, and as usual I couldn't say no.

Kathryn knew exactly what she wanted, sending me a pic she had found on the internet, and wondering if I could reproduce it. Luckily it was easy enough to replicate, consisting of mainly printing, cutting and layering, although adding the lace bands, with the triple wrap of string and flowers to 75 invitations took a good few days.

I knew that once these were all done and dusted I could have a bit of a break from wedding stationery, although I will be mad busy next year getting all Alison's day and evening invitations made, along with her order of service, table plan, menus and place cards. No rest for the wicked hey!

Thanks for popping in and taking a look,
take care,
Colette xx

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