Sunday 2 August 2015

Missing in Action

We ended up at A+E with Meg again at 1 am on Wednesday morning, she was admitted straight away and has been there since, because of her disabilities she needs lots of care, so Eric and I have been going in every morning at 7.30 and coming home around 10 each evening.

She has been really poorly, and in a lot of pain with her stomach, it was really swollen and rock hard. When none of the painkillers, including morphine were having any effect on the pain, and she started vomiting up dark green bile, they decided to do another CT scan and found she had a problem with her bowel.
They put a nasal gastro tube up her nose and down into her stomach to drain away the bile, hoping that she would improve without surgery, as they said the problem was in an awkward place and because of Meg's other problems too, surgery would be long, difficult and dangerous and was only a last resort.

Unfortunately Meg just got worse and worse, her pulse got really fast, she struggled to breathe and they had to give her oxygen, her temp was getting higher and higher, and she was still in lots of pain. Anyway, yesterday evening (Saturday) they decided she needed an emergency operation.
She finally went down to theatre at midnight, they told Eric and I to go home for a few hours and get some rest and they would phone us as soon as the surgery was over. They rang about an hour ago (3am) to say that surgery went well, Meg was in recovery and would be transferred to the High Dependency Unit, where they plan on keeping her asleep until sometime tomorrow, they also have a machine breathing for her, as her lungs were so squashed up because her tummy was very swollen, that the surgeon said they need a bit of time to get working again properly.

The surgeon also said that Meg's likely to be in hospital for at least the next week, maybe longer, as it will take a while for her bowels to start working again properly, and they won't let her come home until they do, and then obviously she will need a lot of looking after for a few weeks after that, so I don't think I will be getting much time for crafting.

I will pop on and do a bit of commenting when I get the chance, and see what everyone else is up to, but apart from a post I have scheduled for Monday there probably won't be much on my blog for a few weeks.

Right, going to try and get a couple of hours sleep now (it's 4.30am)  before we are up and back at the hospital.

Take care,
Colette xx


littlebee said...

Thinking of you all Colette and hoping all goes well for Meg, take care and try and rest when able. Sue x

Anonymous said...

Oh Colette so sorry to hear this, I'm sure Meg is in the best place and hopefully will be feeling much better soon. Thinking of you and your hubby, it's pretty tough going when you have someone in hospital.

Take care,
Vicki x

Jacee said...

So sorry to hear about Meg, sounds like she's really gone through the mill, poor girl. But she's on the upward slope now Colette, but I know it won't stop you both worrying about her. Do take care of yourself too, silly to say don't worry 'cause I know you will, I wish you all well and hope she soon recovers enough to come home, all my best wishes.
hugs Jacee
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Christine L said...

Big BIG hugs for you all and huge get well wishes for Meg!

Christine x

Sarah said...

Wishing Meg well and thinking of you all xx

Anne said...

Wishing Meg a speedy recovery x